Sleep is Personal

Your baby has unique sleep habits and a unique personality. You have your own parenting style. The “magic” happens when we create an approach that’s right for your baby and that you can feel good about as a parent.

Sleep is Health

Study after study has shown that a good night’s sleep is just as important for your baby as proper nutrition. As we’d never raise our children on a diet of junk food, neither should we raise them on junk sleep.

sleep is health

Sleep is Happiness

There is a defined link between chronic sleep deprivation and postpartum depression. Most mothers report a dramatic improvement in their moods (and their baby’s!) once the family is sleeping well.

Sleep is Natural

Even though sleep is a natural process, children need to learn how to sleep well, just like they learn to eat, walk, and talk. Teaching children good sleep habits is a crucial aspect of parenting. When parents find themselves unsure of how to guide their children in this aspect, I am here to provide support and guidance.

sleep is natural

Why sleep training?

Sleep training is a method to help your child learn to doze off independently and enjoy a restful night’s sleep. While some kids catch on quickly, others may face challenges settling down or returning to sleep after waking up. It’s a common part of the journey, and many children benefit from a bit of assistance along the way.

Sleep training offers numerous benefits for the entire family. Adequate sleep is crucial for everyone’s well-being and functionality. When a child learns to sleep independently, it allows the parent to regain the rest she deserves. A well-rested parent can then excel in her roles as both a parent and a spouse.

Babies, especially, struggle to establish their own day and night rhythms, despite their biological need to do so. Therefore, parents play a pivotal role in creating a structured routine for their babies and themselves.

Quality sleep is essential for a child’s health and development. It contributes to memory consolidation and overall well-being, fostering a peaceful atmosphere within the family. Uninterrupted sleep is vital for both you and your children. Well-rested children tend to be healthier, happier, and less fussy.

One common obstacle to a child’s sleep is the reliance on “sleep props” developed during the early stages of life. These props, such as feeding or rocking to sleep, may hinder the development of independent sleep skills. Recognizing when these methods are no longer effective is crucial for deciding on an appropriate sleep training approach.

Various approaches exist to assist children in developing healthy sleep habits, and I’m here to guide you through them.