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If your baby struggles with sleep, I'd like to be of help.

I am Giulia Usai, Certified Sleep Sense™ Pediatric Sleep Specialist and the Founder of Giulia Usai Sleep Consulting.

Additionally, I hold a Ph.D. in Nano-Electronics and I am a mother of two little girls. I work remotely worldwide but I am based in the French Riviera (Cote d’Azur). My mission is to assist parents in improving their child’s sleep.

Coping with parenthood is exceptionally demanding even for parents that sleep! A good long nighttime sleep is fundamental especially for parents.

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A little backstory

Before becoming a mom, I used to enjoy a restful night’s sleep, averaging 10 to 11 hours. Sleep was a cherished part of my routine, and I never anticipated it becoming a challenge. Unfortunately, during my pregnancy preparation course, the focus was on SIDS prevention, with jokes about sleep deprivation after the baby’s arrival but no insights into baby sleep patterns.

Upon becoming a mom, the reality hit hard, and my sleep was significantly disrupted, especially with my reflux-afflicted child, who struggled to sleep unless on top of me. The sleep deprivation took a toll on both me and my husband for about 18 months until we discovered the Sleep Sense™ Methods. This transformative experience led to a positive change in our lives—my daughter learned to sleep well, and subsequently, she became an excellent sleeper.

Reflecting on those challenging 18 months, I wondered why we weren’t educated about how baby sleep works. The Sleep Sense™ Methods made it all so clear and straightforward for us. When our second child faced reflux issues, we applied our newfound knowledge, and she learned to sleep much faster.

By six months, she was enjoying 11 to 12 hours of uninterrupted sleep at night, turning our family into a happy and well-rested unit.
Motivated by my experiences, I decided to extend a helping hand to other families facing similar challenges. You are not alone—I am here to offer support and guidance.

sleep sense certified consultant
sleep sense certified consultant

Why I decided to become a sleep coach?

I chose this path because I firmly believe in the profound impact quality sleep has on the mental and physical well-being of babies and kids. Moreover, I would like to spread the message that in good sleep lays the foundation for a harmonious and joyful relationship between parents and their children — a cornerstone of family happiness.

Having personally experienced the transformative power of the Sleep Sense™ program, I can attest to its effectiveness and the almost immediate, tangible results it delivers. Witnessing how it has elevated the quality of my life and brought newfound tranquility to our family has been nothing short of remarkable.

In my role as your consultant, I’ve seen the Sleep Sense™ program work wonders for families in just a week. Picture this: parents who were once overwhelmed and disheartened are now beaming with smiles, reveling in a more relaxed state. It’s truly heartwarming to know that my expertise is fostering positive change in the lives of others.

I’m not just passionate; I’m driven by a genuine desire to help families achieve the gift of better sleep and cultivate stronger, happier connections. Let’s embark on this journey together, transforming restless nights into peaceful slumbers and creating lasting joy for your family. Are you ready to experience the Sleep Sense™ difference?

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